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Guide Dogs

Animal Angels

Animal Angels

Healing Animals

Healing Animals

Healing animals - this can be read two ways, and both are equally important to a person who is drawn to animals, as a part of their path and spiritual development. We meet animals who have the power to give us healing, and these become healing animals for us; and then there comes a time when we want to give back, in fact are now healed enough to have something to give again, and at that point, many are drawn to healing animals themselves.

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One Love - Animals, Humans & Angels

One Love - Animals, Humans & Angels

To love the animals, to love just a single animal, perhaps just once in your lifetime, starts to make that connection happen. It is a precious, powerful thing and the love of the animals brings us back, reconnects us to where we came from, and it might start right there, that the love for ALL is planted, and begins to grow.

And so, and in a very real and practical sense, animals are our angels.

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The Mind And Soul Of The Animals

The Mind And Soul Of The Animals Dear Energy Mind, I ask you to give me a story about the mind and the soul of the animals.

Something that tells not only me about this way of life, with whom we share our planet, but for other people of interest as well. It is a contribution of my DNA to the understanding of the animal kingdom.

Read The Mind & Soul Of The Animals by Kerstin Warkentin ...
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Dragon Rising - The Dragon Of Spirit

Dragon Rising - The Dragon Of Spirit Many people are drawn of the energy of the dragon, and adopt the dragon to be their spirit animal.

But is a dragon a real spirit animal? Is it an "animal" at all?

Or are dragons something very different from the kinds of spirit animals that exist at this time and live, breathe, share this planet with us?
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Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again I know what you're thinking. You think I'm dead. Because you cannot see me with your human eye, cannot feel me with your hands, or hold me in your arms.

You think I am gone forever.

But I am not, by any means, dead ...
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Spirit Horse

Spirit Horse

When I was very young, I often used to see a black horse that no-one else could see.

I soon learned to stop talking about it, because that didn't do any good at all, but I still saw it; running alongside when I was being driven in a car, or out of the windows of a train, or a bus. I think it was the day I saw the horse and I was on a North Sea ferry and the horse was running with the waves that I realised that it was a spirit horse.

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