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A Healing Story For Abandoned Shelter Animals

A Healing Story For Abandoned Shelter Animals

This is a wonderful healing story for abandoned shelter animals with a beautiful and heartfelt prayer to the guardians of animals from Amy Lim who is an animal energy healer in Singapore. She is using the 23 magic Genius Symbols to unfold the healing story, step by step.

Posted Aug 31, 2011 8,967 Reads Learn More...

The Mind And Soul Of The Animals

The Mind And Soul Of The Animals Dear Energy Mind, I ask you to give me a story about the mind and the soul of the animals.

Something that tells not only me about this way of life, with whom we share our planet, but for other people of interest as well. It is a contribution of my DNA to the understanding of the animal kingdom.

Read The Mind & Soul Of The Animals by Kerstin Warkentin ...
Posted Mar 21, 2009 8,321 Reads Learn More...

The Call Of The Wild by Jack London

The Call Of The Wild by Jack London The Call of The Wild by Jack London. First serialized in The Saturday Evening Post, June 20 - July 18, 1903, The Call of The Wild by Jack London is over one hundred years old and has never been out of print.

Kidnapped from his safe California home. Thrown into a life-death struggle in the frozen Arctic wilderness.

Half St. Bernard, half shepard, Buck learns many hard lessons as a sled dog: the lesson of the lash, of the cold, of near-starvation and cruelty. And the greatest lesson he learns from his last owner, John Thorton: the power of love and loyalty. Yet always, even at the side of the human he loves, Buck feels the pull in his bones, an urge to answer his wolf ancestors as they howl to him.

Can Buck resist the call of the wild?
Posted Mar 3, 2003 10,769 Reads Learn More...

The Ocean Creature

The Ocean Creature The Ocean Creature - a shamanic poem and an extraordinary journey into the realms of spirit animals.
Posted Feb 19, 2003 7,407 Reads Learn More...

Spirit Horse

Spirit Horse

When I was very young, I often used to see a black horse that no-one else could see.

I soon learned to stop talking about it, because that didn't do any good at all, but I still saw it; running alongside when I was being driven in a car, or out of the windows of a train, or a bus. I think it was the day I saw the horse and I was on a North Sea ferry and the horse was running with the waves that I realised that it was a spirit horse.

Posted Feb 18, 2003 19,130 Reads Learn More...

The Dragon People Meditation

Dragons flying in the sky illustration for Dragon People Meditation

Listen or dance to the Dragon People Meditation ...

Posted Feb 18, 2003 10,782 Reads Learn More...

A Dog Of Flanders

A Dog Of Flanders "For Patrasche was their alpha and omega; their treasury and granary; their store of gold and wand of wealth; their bread-winner and minister; their only friend and comforter. Patrasche dead or gone from them, they must have laid themselves down and died likewise. Patrasche was body, brains, hands, head, and feet to both of them; Patrasche was their very life, their very soul. For Jehan Daas was old and a cripple, and Nello was but a child; and Patrasche was their dog."

Read A DOG OF FLANDERS by OUIDA ( Loisea de la Rame) complete online.
Posted Feb 16, 2003 8,541 Reads Learn More...

Baree, Son Of Kazan

Baree, Son Of Kazan "Nature is my religion and my desire, my ambition, the great goal I wish to achieve, to take my readers with me into the heart of this nature."

So spoke James Oliver Curwood, a writer who was transformed by his own personal experience with the spirit of an animal from an avid hunter to a man who spent the rest of his life trying to protect wild life, and to enact conservation a hundred years before anyone else thought it fashionable or profitable.

Read an introduction by Mr Curwood and download the full text of his book, Baree, Son Of Kazan.
Posted Feb 16, 2003 5,864 Reads Learn More...
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