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The Spirit of Animals

A Dog Of Flanders

A Dog Of Flanders "For Patrasche was their alpha and omega; their treasury and granary; their store of gold and wand of wealth; their bread-winner and minister; their only friend and comforter. Patrasche dead or gone from them, they must have laid themselves down and died likewise. Patrasche was body, brains, hands, head, and feet to both of them; Patrasche was their very life, their very soul. For Jehan Daas was old and a cripple, and Nello was but a child; and Patrasche was their dog."

Read A DOG OF FLANDERS by OUIDA ( Loisea de la Rame) complete online.
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Baree, Son Of Kazan

Baree, Son Of Kazan "Nature is my religion and my desire, my ambition, the great goal I wish to achieve, to take my readers with me into the heart of this nature."

So spoke James Oliver Curwood, a writer who was transformed by his own personal experience with the spirit of an animal from an avid hunter to a man who spent the rest of his life trying to protect wild life, and to enact conservation a hundred years before anyone else thought it fashionable or profitable.

Read an introduction by Mr Curwood and download the full text of his book, Baree, Son Of Kazan.
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Wolf In Amber

Wolf In Amber illustration for Wolf In Amber Shamanic Story
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Animal Life and Death

The spirits of animals are the same as the spirits that incarnate in mankind - we are all the same on an energetic level. Every animal is knowing it is spirit and this is where we as humans differ from the animals, because those spirits who choose to incarnate as humans also choose to forget they are really spirit and just taking on a body as an experience. Instead, we go through life believing this physical body is what we really are, and possibly all that we are. The animals, however, understand our predicament and this is why so many of them have chosen to live with us - although we think we have done the choosing or even that we have forced them to be with us. They see our difficulties in struggling with our lives and they try to show us what areas we need to look at and heal from. When we see our animals as sick or having problems of some kind - such as aggression towards other animals or humans - we need to look at what they are mirroring for us.
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Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences The Bach Flower Essences formulated by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Here you find the complete range of 38 Bach Flower essences which started with 12 essences, which Dr Edward Bach called "The Twelve Healers". These were Agrimony - Centaury - Cerato - Chicory - Clematis - Gentian - Impatiens - Mimulus - Rock Rose - Scleranthus - Vervain - Water Violet.

Best known today is the Bach Flower Essences Rescue Remedy (Five Flower Remedy, Emergency Essence) which contains Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem

Find out how to give Bach Flower Remedies and the animal problems these essences help overcome.

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The Energy System Of Animals

The Energy System Of Animals What is the Energy Field? In humans, animals, and plants - all living beings, in fact - this is what we refer to as the spirit or soul; the intelligence that is moulding the energy into shape and this is part of the Energy Field, the flow that connects every living being to All That Is.

An introduction to the energy field, the energy system of animals, the power centers and a diagram of animal meridians/the animal energy system by Hilary Jupp.
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Healing Animals With Intention

When holding out one's hands over an injured animal to channel universal healing energy, there is still a part of the process that is very physical indeed. You can feel your hands tingling, sensations in your body, and you can see the animal in front of you responding with little twitches, yawns or how it relaxes out as the healing progresses.

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