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Pet Bereavement Help - Healing The Pain Of Pet Loss

by Silvia Hartmann

Pet Bereavement Help - Healing The Pain Of Pet Loss

Pet Bereavement, Pet Loss or Animal Bereavement, the pain a loving owner feels after their beloved companion pet has died, is unfortunately little understood. People who suffer from pet bereavement are often at the receiving end of, "Don't make such a fuss, it wasn't even a person who died!" attitude from friends and family, and even counsellors and psychologists look down on them because it is "only pet bereavement".

  • In this article, Silvia Hartmann explains what pet bereavement is, why it is important to help people heal the pain of animal bereavements, and recommends practitioners who can help with pet loss.

Pet Bereavement Help -

How To End The Pain Of Pet Loss


The Problem With Pet Bereavement

Pet Bereavement or Animal Bereavement, the pain a loving owner feels after their beloved companion pet has died, is unfortunately little understood by general society as well as psychologists alike. People who suffer from pet bereavement are often left alone, at the receiving end of, "Don't make such a fuss, it wasn't even a person who died!" attitude from friends and family, and even in professional help they can find that counsellors and psychologists look down on them because it is "only pet bereavement".

This is unacceptable in this day and age and I am more than happy to report that we have now a full understanding of the causes of pet bereavement, the solution to healing the pain of pet bereavement, and people who are more than willing to help a person heal the pain of pet loss and remember the love, feel the love again without hurting.


Why Pet Bereavement & Animal Bereavement Hurts So Much

The first thing we have to understand is that people AND animals have an energy system, and it is through this energy system that they make intense connections with one another. These connections are literally strands of energy through which energy is exchanged between the partners, and it doesn't matter if these partners are two animals, one animal and a person, or a person with another person.

The more closely these strands of energies are connected between two individuals, the more painful the experience when one partner or companion in the relationship dies and the strands break and there is no more energy coming in.

Not everyone has the ability to make these wonderful and nourishing connections with other beings; but when it has happened that a person has made these connections with their pet, animal or companion, then a bereavement is going to be very, very painful.

This goes both ways and so we also find animals becoming sick, depressed, and dying after their human partner has gone away or died.

The intense pain that is experienced when energetic bonds are broken and felt as "emotional pain" shows us how important the energy body is to the quality of life, and that severe disturbances in the energy body can actually physically kill a person - or an animal - if the disturbance is strong enough.

So it really is important that we should pay attention when we suffer from bereavement pain and take steps to heal this pain, and not judge whether or not this real pain comes from an animal or pet bereavement, or because a person died.


Real, Practical Healing For Animal Bereavement & Pet Bereavement

The emotional pain that is felt when a companion pet dies shows us exactly where the energy body has been injured.

Often, and because of the nature of loving relationships between pets and their owners, this pain is located in the heart area, but there are secondary places of pain often found in the stomach, in the throat, and sometimes also around the eyes and in the head.

Where the worst pain exactly is located, is unique to each person who suffers from bereavement pain; but it tells us exactly where we need to start healing the energy body so that the pain stops, and a person can start to experience different feelings again.

There is a new energy healing modality called EMO which targets the source of pain directly and uses simple and direct energy healing to repair these broken strands of connection, without dogma and without fuss.

EMO practitioners also understand absolutely that ANY injury in the energy body that causes a person terrible pain, bereavement pain, waves of uncontrollable emotions that cannot be ignored IS TO BE TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY INDEED, and that we need to restore the Even Flow to the energy body as soon as possible, so that no long term damage to mind, body and spirit may arise.


An End To Pet Bereavement - The Return To Love

We know that the animal bereavement or pet bereavement has been successfully healed in the following way.

First of all, there is no longer any pain or painful emotions or surges or waves of terrible sadness. This gives the person who was suffering from the pain of pet bereavement a chance to restore themselves, takes stress of the body, of the mind and of course, of their emotional states and lets them recover.

Secondly, as the pain recedes, people then begin to remember the good things again, and also find that when they think about their beloved companion, instead of pain and sadness, there is gratitude and a return to the love. People feel that the connection has been restored - not in a living sense, but in a spiritual sense, and this a love that lasts forever, and always feels good and supportive. This and NOT FEELING NOTHING is the real aim and outcome of proper healing for bereavement, and it lets us know that the injuries really have been healed, and we are ready to go on, and love again, and again.

This last point is especially important. Often, friends and relatives make the mistake of giving someone who has suffered pet loss and is in pain and sadness another animal to try and cure the pain;. This is often only going make things worse as the new animal has to cope with a person who is still full of grief and experiencing terrible emotional pain, and the new animal often suffers greatly and develops health and behaviour problems as a direct result - making it more unlovable in the process and causing even more grief and pain to the distraught owner.

It is really important following the death of a much loved animal, pet or companion to seek out proper energy healing, for the sake of our mental, emotional AND physical health, and also for the sake of other animals so that they will get a proper, loving owner, someone who can love them for themselves and make new, wonderful strands of connection between them.


Finding The Right Person To Heal The Pain Of Pet Bereavement

Without understanding the processes of the energy body, the connections and how to heal the real source of bereavement pain, which are severe disturbances in the energy body, there is virtually nothing that can be done to "make the pain of pet bereavement go away". Depending on the severity of the injuries, time does not heal injuries in the energy body; and talking doesn't do it either, no matter how long we talk about how bad we feel, how sad, how lonely, how much it hurts.

Only direct, realistic energy healing can and will restore HEALTH to the energy body of a bereaved person and the cessation of pain and symptoms of sorrow and bereavement is our direct feedback to let us know that something important has been accomplished.

Below is a list of people who are trained in EMO and healing the energy body. By all means, let yourself be guided to someone who will help you overcome the pain of pet bereavement, even if this has happened many years ago, because as long as the pain still exists, that tells us the wound in the energy system has not been healed, and is still waiting for healing and return to the Even Flow.

I would advise strongly to consider the long term effects of trying to live life with a wound in the energy body, and to weigh that up against the cost of hiring an energy specialist for one to three sessions.

If you are in pain, it is impossible to live a good and happy life. Every day that we are in pain is in a sense a wasted day that we will never get back, and our companions would be distraught to see us be in pain or unhappy - of course.

I thereby strongly recommend to seek proper healing if you are experiencing the symptoms of pet bereavement - waves of pain, waves of sadness, feelings of loss and loneliness, and emotions that are so physically painful you can feel the pain of it in your body.


Help With Pet Bereavement

The following qualified practitioners are waiting to help you overcome the pain of pet bereavement. You can do energy sessions in person but also over the phone.

Contact a practitioner you feel drawn to and let them help you end the pain of pet bereavement.

With my best blessings,

Silvia Hartmann

January 2010


Find a practitioner of modern energy work.


The Problem With Pet Bereavement - Why Pet Bereavement Hurts - Healing For Pet Bereavement - An End To Pet Bereavement - Finding The Right Person - Help With Pet Bereavement - Find A Practitioner For Pet Bereavement Help

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                    <h3>Lorna Firth</h3>
                    <p>I can relate to people who have experienced the loss of a
                    beloved pet. I had the experience of my beautiful, faithful
                    Golden Retriever being &quot;put to sleep&quot; last April. I didn't
                    have EMO skills then and found it very hard to cope
                    with. Sophie had been part of the family for 13 years. I am
                    now an EMO Practitioner in Cyprus and understand that
                    any kind of grief can be helped by this powerful yet simple
                    technique by letting the energy flow. It is just as
                    important to acknowledge and allow to flow the grief from
                    the loss of a pet as it is any passing of a family member or
                    friend. Your pet is actually all of that- family member AND
                    close friend. <br>
                    <i><b>Lorna Firth, <br>
                    Cyprus </b></i> <br>

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Posted Jan 7, 2010 by Silvia Hartmann



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