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Dragon Rising - The Dragon Of Spirit

Dragon Rising - The Dragon Of Spirit Many people are drawn of the energy of the dragon, and adopt the dragon to be their spirit animal.

But is a dragon a real spirit animal? Is it an "animal" at all?

Or are dragons something very different from the kinds of spirit animals that exist at this time and live, breathe, share this planet with us?

Dragon Rising -

The Dragon Of Spirit

Many people are drawn of the energy of the dragon, and adopt the dragon to be their spirit animal.

But is a dragon a real spirit animal? Is it an "animal" at all?

Or are dragons something very different from the kinds of spirit animals that exist at this time and live, breathe, share this planet with us?

Dragon Rising is the translation of a Chinese term which corresponds to "Kundalini rising" - a snake, but in this sense, probably also a dragon in spirit.

Both mean the uprising of an energy form through the human energy body which to all intents and purposes, means that a person has become enlightened.

With this transformation of the energy system, new system come online, and if you could see such an energy system, you would see a creature of glowing light, with WINGS OF LIGHT streaming from them - and it looks not human at all, it looks like a dragon.

Take off your glasses, and you could mistake this energy shape and form for an *angel* without any trouble at all.


Angels & Dragons, Cranes & Swans ...

The basic shape and form of an enlightened energy system of a living human being has been described in different metaphorical terms, but you can SEE it and recognise it everywhere.

Whether it is the crane with the long neck and the wide, rounded wings in an Oriental depiction of the flight of souls; whether it's the European stork "who brings the souls of babies" and looks just the same; whether it's the swan, or the dragon, or the "flying snakes" the Azteks prayed to, or the angel symbol with the streaming light and the rounded wings once more, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN SOCIETY has recognised that shiny dragon.


Dragons, Dragons Everywhere ...

Christian angel symbol

Christian Angel Symbol


Japanese Immortality Crane

Japanese Immortality Crane


DragonRising Logo by StarFields

DragonRising Logo by StarFields


Ancient Egyptian Immortality Scarab

Ancient Egyptian Immortality Scarab

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

10 000 Year Old Cave Painting

10 000 Year Old Cave Painting

Kung Fu Shaolin Crane

Kung Fu Shaolin Crane

Swan Eternal Love Symbol

Swan Eternal Love Symbol

Native American Eagle

Native American Eagle

The spiritual, metaphysical dragon is NOT a dinosaur.

The dragon is NOT an animal - in fact, the dragon is even beyond the "half, in, half out" HUMAN condition and represents an evolved form beyond being merely human as we have come to know it.

  • The dragon shaped energy system has evolved to a point where this dragon can take wing, quite literally, and it can FLY AWAY - it can leave the body, it can EXIST INDEPENDENTLY OF THE BODY.

This means that the dragon can survive death; and it can go to evolve EVEN FURTHER, after the death of the body, and the entire decay of physical flesh, blood, and bone.

If you don't like the idea of a dragon, you can think of becoming an angel instead - as long as it glows, has wings, is immortal, AND IS ENTIRELY MADE OF LIGHT, you've got the picture, and it doesn't matter WHAT these spirit beings that humans are capable of becoming are called in your society.


The Dragonet Inside

Celtic DragonSo what of YOUR dragon?

Is there a baby dragon inside you, trying to grow up, trying to break free, trying to be born?

Or would you prefer that we talk of YOUR SOUL, and the ANGEL CHILD inside each human being, that is awaiting birth just the same?

Either which way, it is clear that there is TOTAL HUMAN CONSENSUS across ALL ages, ALL religions, ALL forms of magic, ALL metaphysics that people CAN attain enlightenment, that they CAN structurally change THEMSELVES and grow up to become an enlightened being, WHILST STILL ALIVE - they may look the same to the naked eye than everyone else, but their energy system is glowing, and it has wings.

  • If you are drawn to dragons, if you dream of them, if you love them and HUNGER for them, for YOUR dragon, then you are one of those few who have somehow tasted the glory and the power of YOUR OWN AWAKENING SOUL.

You are one of the lucky ones, one of the chosen few as it is on this World today, who have a real shot at BECOMING IMMORTAL, and moving on into the realms of light upon your earthly demise.

You will already know what I say next is true - you must feed your dragonet, your angel child.


No small creature can grow without food, without proper care, love and nutrition, without warmth, without attention.

As simple as this is, as true it is too - and so our job in this world is to feed and take care of the little dragon that is trying to grow up, wake up, BECOME ALL THAT IT COULD BE.

You can't feed your dragonet with fashion shoes, make up, techno toys or second hand spirituality.

Your dragonet needs PURE ...






and most of all







Make it your business to PROTECT your little dragon, your angel child, from those who would harm it; from those who would try and frighten you with damnation and hell, from those who tell you to be weak, and terrified, and rely on some OUTSIDE PROPHET to show you the way to the light.

The light is INSIDE YOU, the light is YOUR OWN SOUL.

Protect your dragon, and love it.

Protect your dragon, and love it.

Pay much attention to it.

Talk to it, and most importantly, PLAY WITH IT.

Just like a little baby would surely start to cry in deep distress if you started to preach at it from dawn till dusk, so will your dragonet, your angel child!

It needs JOY! It needs lights and colours, it needs excitement and beauty, it needs nature and being allowed to PLAY.

This is why dour people will NEVER EVER attain enlightenment, no matter how long and hard they flog themselves and others in their dreadful delusions.

Be LIGHT - that is the only way to feed the little light inside you, so that it grows strong, becomes a roaring flame one day, and the dragon is rising - for real.


February 2008


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Posted Feb 28, 2009   



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