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Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals

Find Your Magical Power Animal

Find Your Magical Power Animal

Power Animals are spirit animals that protect, teach and guide us in our everyday lives. It greatly increases your magical safety and prowess if you have a power animal.

Here is an easy way to find your own personal magic power animal.

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Dolphin Backgrounds

Dolphin Backgrounds Evoke the spirit of the playful dolphin and the freedom of the deep blue sea with these free seamless background pictures of dolphins for your website!
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Animal Communication: How To Communicate With Animals In Sanctuary

Animal Communication: How To Communicate With Animals In Sanctuary Meeting with a spirit animal, an animal who has passed on, or an animal you want to communicate with "in Sanctuary" is the easiest and most natural form of animal communication and something that anyone who has an affinity with animals can learn to do easily.

The Sanctuary is a special place within the Dreamtime Realms that is particularly protected and provides a safe meeting platform where you can learn how to communicate with animals, and meet special animals that can become your guides, answer questions, and teach you about animal communication.
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Wolf Backgrounds - The Spirit Of Wolf

Wolf Backgrounds - The Spirit Of Wolf

Is Wolf your totem spirit animal?

Evoke the spirit of wolf with these beautiful seamless wolf background tiles, and read about Wolf Totem - Wolf As A Spirit Animal here.

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The Mind And Soul Of The Animals

The Mind And Soul Of The Animals Dear Energy Mind, I ask you to give me a story about the mind and the soul of the animals.

Something that tells not only me about this way of life, with whom we share our planet, but for other people of interest as well. It is a contribution of my DNA to the understanding of the animal kingdom.

Read The Mind & Soul Of The Animals by Kerstin Warkentin ...
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Meerkat Background - Repeating Seamless Background Tile Of Meerkats

Meerkat Background - Repeating Seamless Background Tile Of Meerkats

Repeating seamless background tile images gallery of meerkat, meerkats, meerkat family, meerkat mob, meerkat babies - my God they're so CUTE!

The stars of Meerkat Manor have won our hearts. And if never a civilisation adopted the meerkat as a spirit animal before, I think we've done it now!

Find out about The Meerkat as your spirit animal here.

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Dragon Rising - The Dragon Of Spirit

Dragon Rising - The Dragon Of Spirit Many people are drawn of the energy of the dragon, and adopt the dragon to be their spirit animal.

But is a dragon a real spirit animal? Is it an "animal" at all?

Or are dragons something very different from the kinds of spirit animals that exist at this time and live, breathe, share this planet with us?
Posted Feb 28, 2009 42,030 Reads Learn More...

Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again I know what you're thinking. You think I'm dead. Because you cannot see me with your human eye, cannot feel me with your hands, or hold me in your arms.

You think I am gone forever.

But I am not, by any means, dead ...
Posted Apr 29, 2003 8,889 Reads Learn More...

Animal Spirit Meanings

Animal Spirit Meanings

What are the meanings of spirit animals?

Find out about the energy of Alligator, Antelope, Caribou, Cougar, Coyote, Crane, Crow, Deer, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Eagle, Elk, Fox, Frog, Goat, Goose, Hawk, Hedgehog, Horse, Hummingbird, Lizard. Loon, Moose, Mouse, Otter, Owl, Porcupine, Quail, Raven, Salmon, Sandpiper, Seagull, Seal, Skunk, Snail, Snake, Spider, Squirrel, Swan, Turtle, Wolf, Whale here.

Posted Apr 6, 2003 150,753 Reads Learn More...

Animal Medicine: The Spiritual Significance of Non-Human Wisdom

Animal Medicine: The Spiritual Significance of Non-Human Wisdom Animals are among the most giving of God's creations. In the Native way, it is known that Great Spirit often sends messages of awareness, guidance, and adjustment through the appearance and actions of Creature Beings in our lives.

If you ignore the Winged Ones (birds), Creepy Crawlies (Snakes), Four-legged Beings, Insects, etc., you fail to utilize a most powerful spiritual tool.
Posted Mar 21, 2003 7,565 Reads Learn More...

What's Your Spirit Animal?

What's Your Spirit Animal? All cultures since the dawn of time have had a deep and meaningful relationship with the spirit of animals - not necessarily one individual animal but the essence of a species, manifest as a familiar, a totem, a guide. Some people are particularly drawn to a type of animal or the energy of a species and find it most healing to tune into this energy.

Some people wonder, "What's MY spirit animal?"
Posted Mar 4, 2003 23,697 Reads Learn More...

Celtic Animals

Celtic Animals "I think I could turn and live with the animals, they're so placid and self contained." - Walt Whitman.

There are many myths, legends, and stories of a magical time in which there were no boundaries between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. Humans were at peace with the animals and exercised a symbiotic relationship with them, both physically and spiritually. Humans relied on animals for food and in return they gratefully accepted the creatures as equals and gifts of nature. This reflected a time of transition between divine and human.

Animals and humans could speak to each other and learn from one another.
Posted Mar 3, 2003 11,285 Reads Learn More...
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