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Wolf Backgrounds - The Spirit Of Wolf

Wolf Backgrounds - The Spirit Of Wolf

Is Wolf your totem spirit animal?

Evoke the spirit of wolf with these beautiful seamless wolf background tiles, and read about Wolf Totem - Wolf As A Spirit Animal here.


Wolf in the Forest Background Tile Seamless Wolf in the Forest Background Seamless Repeating Tile Fill


Grey Wolf Background Seamless Grey Wolf Background Seamless Repeating Tile Fill




Wolf in the snow background Wolf in the snow background Seamless Repeating Tile Fill




Wolf Totem - Wolf As A Spirit Animal

To wolf, family is everything.

Wolf is a hunter, and Wolf hunts not for sport or trophies, but for survival, and without knowing it, plays a very important part in the great Creative Order of things by taking out the old ones, the weak ones, keeping the herds strong, and swiftly ending the suffering of those whose time has come to an end.

Wolf is absolutely at home in nature, and wolf is strong, intelligent, caring.

Sometimes wolf extends its caring to those not born of wolf's own race; wolf has the capacity to do that, and invite others into their family, let them take part in wolf's path and the adventures of life.

Wolf hears and sees everything; wolf scents the air and knows the seasons; and wolf raises the voice to fill the night and let everyone know that they are here.

Wolf is loyal to the end, and beyond the end, will walk the spirit path with you, to protect you, to warn you of those things that your eyes can't see, your ears cannot hear.

Wolf may guide you and briefly lead you, but in the end, wolf will follow you on your trails, which are by nature, other than wolf's own.

Wolf is the spirit and totem of leaders, of those who take responsibility for the well being of the younger and weaker ones, who look out for them, protect them, provide for them and fight for them.


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  • Posted Mar 24, 2009   



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