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The Dragon People Meditation

The Dragon People Meditation

Listen or dance to the Dragon People Meditation ...


The Dragon People Meditation

There was a land so far away
where in the skies
the dragons held sway.

With mighty wings
they beat the air,
and they were fair.

So beautiful ...

Their song filled the skies
as did the rushing of their wings

The lands were green,
and silver mists
lay gently upon the hills,
as above,
the dragons were dancing

And below,
in the valleys,
with loving eyes,
many looked
to the skies
and their beautiful shapes,
and wished
that they could fly
fly as dragons do
and they dreamed
and they called
"come to us!"

And the dragons heard them
and they came,
they came rushing from the highest mountains,
their wings beat the air.

They came to the people,
and they took away
all those who had dreamed
of flying in the sky.

All and one, all the people
rose in the air
with the dragons,
their wings beat,
they rose higher and higher,
and that was the last
that was ever seen
of the dragon people.

StarFields 2003


 Dragons flying in the sky illustration for Dragon People Meditation

Posted Feb 18, 2003



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